Hi beautiful! I’m Wendy!

I'm a Certified Life and Money Coach (a.k.a Dream Life Designer) for the woman who longs to follow the Divine calling on her life! 


Are you living a life some would consider to be a fairy-tale? Yet for whatever reason, you know that something’s still not quite right?

Perhaps your finances are in disarray, or you feel undervalued in your relationship, or you wish to travel yet feel stuck in one place?  

Whatever you think you’re missing, lean in...


Growing up in a small Texas town, I was surrounded by a loving, supportive family. They were my biggest cheerleaders and I was loved up that's for sure. I believed I could do anything I set my mind to and though my experience was limited to my little hometown - I felt extremely content.

Why dream for more when everyone and everything you've ever known seems so happy?!

So I set out to create a life for myself that was similar to my parents and those around me. At first, I didn’t ask for all that much, but I sure got it! I married my high school guy right out of college, got my degree in accounting (along with a minor in psychology), worked in corporate America earning big bucks, made three gorgeous kids, moved to sunny California, had a beautiful home and beautiful things to go with it. 


Everything looked pretty sweet from the outside, but...


I distinctly remember waking up with a gut feeling that I was supposed to be doing something bigger, something more, with my life.


But I shut down that inner voice, because, seriously, who was I to complain?! Well, sometimes when you feel like you don’t have a reason to complain, life will hand you one (or a dozen). 

It was then that the downward spiral began in earnest. 

My guy and I split after years and years of togetherness. I found myself a single mom, raising three kids alone living miles and miles away from my family and support system.

I was terrified about not having enough money, worried I would not be able to put the time and energy into my accounting job and wondering how on earth could I love and support my babies with just me and only me.  

As soon as I felt like I was grasping the ebb and flow of life, my heart was shattered as I watched my parent’s battle brain cancer (both diagnosed within months of each other).

My trust and faith were shaken to the core.

I could no longer sleep at night, wondering how I could be in so many places at one time, if I was safe, if my family was safe and where I would go for the proper guidance to help me find balance.

I felt fear, shame and guilt. 

There were some really dark days - they shook me to my core. I’ve always had a naturally sunny disposition, but I couldn’t smile my way out of the heavy clouds that enveloped me.  

I stressed, I struggled, And then... I surrendered.

I got sick of fighting my situation, and I resolved to embrace every second, whether it felt sublime or sorrowful, with the attitude that I was going to be fully present in my life and offer myself the same kindness and understanding that I freely gave to those around me.

So I didn’t have a support system? Okay, then. I’d have to create one for myself.

And I became my own soulmate.

And that made all the difference! I began focusing on loving myself fully and appreciating all the little quirks and distinctions of my personality. I followed the desires of my heart and rediscovered former passions. I fell in love with the unique and beautiful person that God created me to be.  

In what seemed like no time,


I began attracting all the right people into my life. 

I thought I had experienced success prior to my break-up, but the events that occurred after I began to truly love myself were mind-blowing. The people who came into my life paved the way to an even more delicious and fulfilling kind of success than I’d ever experienced before.  

Doors flung wide open, high-level, high-profile clients requested to work with me, and positive changes occurred in all areas of my life.  

It was like the beautiful ripple effect of a shiny pebble being thrown into a smooth lake. Each positive occurrence prompted a new success, and so on, and so on, until my life looked nothing like it did prior to my pain.  

And what’s the end of my story?  

Well, in my opinion, I’m only at the beginning - and I’m eagerly anticipating working with new clients and helping other women find the life fulfillment that they KNOW is possible but haven’t been able to uncover for themselves.  

Practically speaking, I've since reconciled with my husband, grateful for our lessons learned apart, blessed for another shot at us and beyond honored our kids approve. Who knew it could be so amazing?! And I’m a full-time Certified Life & Money Coach earning much more than I ever did in my posh corporate accounting job -- while working with clients who set my soul on fire!

It’s time for you to Love Your Life.


You deserve a life that’s overflowing with passion, purpose, money and miracles!



Wendy Gless is a Certified Life and Money Coach and Law of Attraction Facilitator with a degree in Accounting and a minor in Psychology. She left the corporate world to start her own coaching business and now serves her clients through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and self-study programs.

Wendy possesses a unique skill set that incorporates powerful business skills with an understanding of the necessity of honoring her clients’ emotional and spiritual sides. 

She has trained under industry leaders like Crystal Andrus, Martha Beck, Mike Dooley, Kendall Summerhawk, Gina DeVee, and Emily Williams and she continues to invest in her clients’ success by engaging powerful mentors.  


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