The Modern girls Guide To Manifesting:

An 8-Week Live group Training Program


Isn't It Time To Stop the Struggle Already?!

Get what you want in life... Plus have as much fun as possible along the way! 

Hey there beauty! I bet you've got a few things on your wish list, haven't you?

No matter how much you love your life already... there are a million ways you could be having more fun, am I right?! 

Well my goal is to get you where you love your life... All OF IT! 

Are you dreaming of a love life filled with passion?

or how about a job that has you leaping out of bed with excitement in the mornings? 

Or being able to provide for your family, friends, or favorite charities in whatever way your heart desires?!

How about a body that's in fantastic shape... filled with energy ... with a steady stream of happiness dancing through your veins? 

Or a bank balance that lets you do what ever you feel like whenever you feel like it?

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it?!

Well beautiful, I can tell you that it feels away better than it sounds!

And every single one of these things are possible for you to enjoy. Really and truly! 

it's s much easier to get there than you might think. All it takes is a little readjusting to a different , much -more exciting way of living!


I’m Wendy, and I’m here to teach you how to Love Your life - ALL of It!

I can relate to where you are now,! Why? Because I’ve been there.  Struggling under the pressures of life, not knowing how I was going to get through the next day, feeling totally alone and unsupported, financially restricted, even empty.  It’s not good, Is it?

I’m here to let you in on a little secret... it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it’s just plain wrong to continue living a life you don’t absolutely LOVE. So if you’re not there already,  it’s about time you did something about that.

And, guess what? You don’t have to do it alone! I’m here to hold your hand and get you skipping along the fast track to your dreams!  They are, after all, totally within reach. So buckle up for the most thrilling ride of your life!

Are you ready to learn the secret to an incredible life?

The exciting news is that you can have anything your big, beautiful heart desires! All you need to do is learn how to manifest it! And even better, it’s a very easy process - when you know how to do it!

Just a few years ago, my life was a very different story.  My guy and I split after years and years of togetherness, I was raising three kids alone while living miles away from my family, friends and support network. I was working my tail off as an accountant and making good money, but with 3 mouths to feed, it never seemed to go far enough.  I felt overwhelmed AND underwhelmed all at the same time (how is that even possible?!).  I kept asking myself where I had taken a wrong turn.   And I began hunting for answers. And you know what? I found them!!!

I let go of my could’ve and should’ve mentality. I named and claimed my heartache, and then I released it. I found forgiveness in myself and in others.

I became empowered.

I became my own soul mate.

I mastered my money systems.

I opened my heart to allow love in again.

I mastered how to leverage the universe to manifest with ease.

Everything I had made of my life up until this point began to shift.

I found new inspiration, more miraculous solutions to my problems, and more exciting possibilities around every turn.

My life expanded. I started to feel amazing everyday. My guy and I reconnected after 10 years apart to start a deeper and more fulfilling relationship than we ever experienced pre-divorce. I attracted an amazingly supportive community of friends, family and mentors who enriched my life every single day. I built my business as a Certified Life & Money Coach and Law of Attraction Facilitator and went from making sporadic income to six figures - with a sold-out one-on-one mentorship program – all in less than 10 months! I began dancing with the Divine, and now I live a life I love working with smart, soulful women around the world! A life that brings me the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction through helping others to transform their lives in miraculous ways!

I’m thrilled to be able to share these powerful and transformative tools with you!


✓ Are you ready to bust through every block that stands in the way of you getting what you want in life?

✓ Are you ready to stop sweating the small stuff and start making your most exciting desires into your reality?

✓ Are you ready to discover how to transform your self-confidence and take on the world like never before?

✓ Are you ready to uproot negative thought patterns and start creating exciting new opportunities in your life?

✓ Are you ready to leave confusion and frustration behind, get clear on what you want and start feeling amazing about your quest to get it?!

✓Are you ready for more money,  a relationship that surpasses all your expectations, your dream job, that fantasy trip, vibrant health, and a life where every desire is fulfilled...!?

✓And are you ready to ditch the struggle and have a lot of fun on a daily basis?

Are you yelling, “Yes, please??!!”  Then YOU, my beautiful friend, are ready to take the next important step in deliberately creating a better life . . . a fabulous one that you well and truly deserve!


A life full of wonder and inspiration. . .

A life filled with love, respect and adoration. . .

A life of abundance, security and stability. . .

A life filled with surprise and excitement. . .

A life lived authentically. . .

A life lived doing what you love with people you love!

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— Claire C.

You’ve got a heart full of dreams… and you know as well as I do that they’re not going to build themselves.  So now’s the time to do something about them! It’s time to gently let go of the old you, and welcome in the fullest, most delicious version of your life -  one fabulous step at a time! I did this for myself, and now I’m thrilled to teach you how you can make your own dreams into your reality!

For dreamers who are ready to kick-start a truly amazing life!

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting is designed to make it easy for you to succeed, with clear, actionable steps to start building a life that’s exciting, fantastic, and BEYOND your wildest dreams!

We attract into our life whatever we give our attention, energy and focus to, whether that be positive or negative. By taking this course, you will come to understand why and how this happens.  More importantly, you will discover how you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest more deliberately the exact things that you desire. You’ll be able to attract all that you need to do, all that you need to know, and all that you need to have, so you can get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

You’ll learn everything I discovered on my journey to building the life of my dreams.  You’ll learn how you’ve been holding yourself back without even knowing it, and then I’ll teach you the simple tricks to STOP doing that!  

You’ll get top level support to make sure you can successfully implement everything you’re learning and begin to see immediate results showing up in your life.

Are you excited? Because I sure am!!

So, you’re on board and ready to start manifesting, and you want a few more details about HOW this program is structured?  I’ve got you covered!  When you join the course, you’ll receive all of these life-changing goods:  

8 Value-Packed Modules

A new module will be released every Monday (start your week the right way!) with an introductory audio to get you primed and ready to start implementing these powerful tools and to create immediate results in your life.

Guided Assignments Between Modules

You want results? It’s time to get to work! Every module is accompanied by worksheets to support your personal growth and deepen your learning. You’ll get all the templates, checklists and resources you need to design your dream masterpiece in simple steps.

8 LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls With Yours Truly

I’ll be here for you every week to answer your burning questions, support you through each step of the program, and keep you filled to the brim with energy and enthusiasm as you shape your new reality!  

Ongoing Motivation And Mindset Reminders

I’ll be sending you motivation and mindset reminders to keep your vibration high for the best results possible while you build an abundant life and go after your biggest dreams. I’m with you every step of the way, darling!

Exclusive Membership in Our Private Facebook Community

Because it takes a village! Surrounding yourself with women on the same journey has an immediate and long lasting effect so I’ve created a private group just for my manifesting babes! The group is a beautiful way to connect with other women as well as a way in which you can seek ongoing support from me and your fellow course-mates. It feels so good to know there’s a team of us behind you on this amazing journey.

Plus, you’ll receive these amazing bonuses!

Introductory Course Video

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to an extensive introductory video that will get you started on creating space in your life for your biggest desires – getting the ball rolling to make attracting way easier!

Access To My Personal Reading List

Discover all of the fabulous resources that played a big part in my own transformational journey. No more trawling through the pile to find the gems -  I’ve got them all right here for you to get started on right away!

Plus a Few Surprise Bonuses!

Every element of this program is designed to get you primed and ready for massive success. I’ll be providing you with a few extra goodies to help you on your manifesting journey during the course of this program.

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting is your complete guide to manifesting mastery.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the program!

In each lesson,  I deliver the fundamentals, along with clear guidelines on how to use them. I teach you how to become a deliberate attractor and start consciously attracting more of the things you want out of life {and keep the things you DON’T want OUT of your life}!

You’ll come away fully equipped for a life where you have the power to create anything you set your sights on!

Here are the gems we’ll be uncovering together….

LESSON ONE - Understanding Miracles, Manifesting, & Universal Laws

  • What is the Law of Attraction?

  • How manifesting works

  • Why making energetic shifts can result in miracles

LESSON TWO - Creating Soulful Intentions & Desires

  • What is a soulful intention or desire?

  • How being specific can supercharge manifestation

  • Why writing down your intentions and desires is so powerful

  • How to set heart-centered intentions

LESSON THREE - Believing with Unwavering Faith & Gratitude

  • Why low-level thoughts have a negative effect on your life

  • How to clear the mind of low-level thoughts

  • How to replace low-level thoughts with faith and gratitude

LESSON FOUR - Letting Go & Moving On

  • How to clear the clutter around your intentions

  • How to recognize why you might NOT want what you desire

  • Why getting intimate with fear is so powerful

LESSON FIVE - Deciding & Visualizing the Delicious Details

  • Why getting stuck in the details will railroad your desires

  • How to relish in the details of your desires WITHOUT getting attached

  • How to dress up the details and make them work for you

LESSON SIX - Infusing that Positive Daily Good-Feeling Vibe

  • Why ‘acting as if’ works

  • How to live like you’ve already manifested your dreams

  • Why your daily routines and rituals are CRUCIAL to your success

LESSON SEVEN - Dancing with the Divine & Taking Inspired Action

  • How to recognize opportunities to take action

  • When to hand your desire or vision over to the Universe

  • Why trust is the key to watching your dreams unfold in the perfect way

LESSON EIGHT - Wrapping it All Up

  • How to ensure that you CONTINUE manifesting with ease and grace

  • Your next steps for journeying on within a supportive community

  • Learn how to keep dreaming beautifully and boldly

My Story

My family was extremely loving, warm, stable and protective.  Yet there were times in my life when I just didn’t feel connected or like I belonged. (For no apparent reason – I was loved up, that’s for sure!)

But I dutifully pushed these emotions deep down inside of me – neat and tidy, out of the way – and ended up going through the motions and doing what I thought I was “supposed” to do. I married my high school sweetheart right out of college, worked in corporate America earning the big bucks, made three gorgeous children, had a beautiful home and wonderful things to put inside it —but something still didn’t feel quite right.

The bottom line of it all was a longing for meaning and purpose. Simmering beneath the surface was this unshakable belief that there was something bigger I was meant to be doing.

It was then that the downward spiral began. My guy and I split after years and years of togetherness. (Side note: We’ve since reconciled, grateful for our lessons learned apart, blessed for another shot at us and beyond honored that our kids approve too! Who knew how things would turn out?!)

I was exhausted from an accounting job that didn’t light me up and even with a good paycheck, I was struggling to stay afloat, living hundreds of miles away from my adoring family. I knew it was time to change things up. So…

It was then that I began to follow my instincts. I felt so lost and helpless half of the time that, well, it became extremely obvious when I came across an idea that got me really excited.

It became impossible to ignore those inklings… those moments of inspiration.

I stopped talking myself out of things and started acting on those wild ideas. I mean, nothing else was working, so why not?!

Fast forward to my beautiful future, and I now have my own full-time coaching practice, with so many amazing clients! I’m doing work I absolutely adores, PLUS earning more money than I ever earned in corporate America!

The secret? I learned how to manifest!

It took a gradual shift in my mindset . . .  and slowly but surely, the world began to open up to me in ways I had never experienced before. All the people I needed floated into my life to offer guidance and mentorship.  I trained with the best of the best and quickly developed the skills I needed not only to transform my own life, but those of others too!

  • I trained as a Master Empowerment Coach with Crystal Andrus

  • As a Money Breakthrough Coach with Kendall Summerhawk

  • As a Life Coach with Martha Beck

  • As a Thought Leader with Brooke Castillo

  • As an Infinite Possibilities Trainer with Mike Dooley

  • And as a Law of Attraction Facilitator with Michael Losier  

My whole world changed and I started living bigger! I had greater success! I made more money! And I enjoyed more love than ever before!

And you know what? It had always been there. That feeling that there was something more… that I could BE more… go bigger… love more deeply in every area of my life. I’d just gotten really good at ignoring that feeling.  

I bet you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

It’s funny how we can lead ourselves so far down the path of devastation before we’re willing to make a change.
Whatever caused you to be here, reading this, right now… it’s your calling. You know it’s time to make some changes. And I’m here to share everything I’ve learned, in the simplest, fastest formula, to help you make those changes as easily as possible… so you can start to have a lot more fun and enjoy your beautiful life more than ever!

Start living your dream life now.
Not tomorrow, not next week. Right now.

It is my dream that every woman I work with lives to her fullest potential -  WHATEVER that may look like for her - because we’re all beautifully unique!

No more settling. I want you to have the fireworks… the 100-watt smile and THAT feeling of utter happiness and contentment.

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting isn’t about getting rich, finding a man, or dropping the pounds, although it can be about those things if that’s what you really, truly want. It’s about honing in on the things you actually desire . . . the feelings that light up your world . . . the emotions you want to experience every day - in abundance!  

The joy.

The satisfaction.

The delight.

The connection.

It’s about whatever you need and want from life.

It’s about keeping it simple. And getting you where you want to be . . . quickly!

Curious about what results you can expect from the program? Here’s what just a few women are saying about their experience with the Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting!

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— Pablo

Quit Waiting Around for Life to Get Good, and Start Manifesting Your Best Life Today!

You’re ready for The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting if:

  • You’re so over struggling and hustling and feeling stressed out

  • You’re looking for answers on how to make your days easier by achieving faster, more powerful results in all areas of your life

  • You’re excited to get more clarity on what exactly you want from life

  • You’re ready to get focused and start working smart, not hard!

  • You’re excited by the prospect of using the universal laws to clarify, magnetize, and manifest all that you desire

  • You’re ready to amp it up and start living a life you totally LOVE

You’re probably not ready for The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting if:

  • You’re not a fan of thinking outside of the box to find your solutions

  • You’re not motivated to do the work to transform your life

  • You’re not willing to let go of some of your current thought patterns

  • You don’t think you have any room for improvement in your life

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no idea what I want to manifest?

Don’t worry! I’m going to ask you all the right questions to stir your inspiration and point you in the right direction, so you can start getting clear on what you really want from life!

I already have a spectacular life. Is this course for me?

I’m so happy to hear that, love! If you feel like you are a manifesting queen and are seeing real and regular results in your life, then maybe you’d benefit more from working with me in one of my other programs to focus more on the details. However, if you love your life but still have some bigger dreams on your to-do list, that you’d like some supercharged focus to realize, then go right ahead and sign up!!

I’ve read a couple of books about the Law of Attraction and I’ve tried manifesting before, but I haven’t really gotten the results I desired.  Can this course help me?

Yes, absolutely! This is the perfect place to start putting all you’ve learned into action. With a whole support group behind you, you’ll be sure to start seeing bigger, faster results than when you were simply working away on your own.

I don’t really “believe” in manifesting.  Is this course for me?

If you’re willing to approach the course with an open mind and entertain the possibility that what has worked for many others could work for you too, then you are set for having success with the material. If, however, you are unwilling to complete the work according to the principles you’ll be learning, then it will most likely not be worth your time. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it, so jump in with both feet!

I’m looking for personalized, one-on-one support. Is this course the right fit for me?

No, beautiful. You need my total, one-on-one attention if you’re looking for completely personalized support. I do offer high-level, intimate support in another coaching program, so drop me a line and I’ll be happy to schedule a one-on-one session with you. The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting is a place to learn and share, and you’ll absolutely be supported throughout the process, but the bulk of the workload will be for you to work through on your own. Just don’t underestimate the power of being surrounded by an amazing community of other manifesting women!

How does the course work?

After purchase, you’ll have access to a members area with course materials. Modules will be released every Monday at 12am Pacific before our weekly live calls, held on Wednesday evenings at 5 pm Pacific. All calls will be recorded and available to listen to afterwards in the members area.

You can post any questions you might have in the private Facebook group, where you can also connect with your course-mates and get insightful daily inspiration!

Do I need a top notch MacBook Pro to do the course?

Not at all. The course is run online, so an Internet connection is essential. You need a relatively modern computer, but nothing top of the line is necessary.

When can I start the course?

In just a few minutes:-)  As soon as your payment has been processed, you will have access to the introductory materials.

I’ve just signed up for another course/I’m about to head offline for a few weeks of sun and sand time/I just got asked to pull longer hours at work so my time is limited --  is it still a good idea to sign up for the course?

Sure thing. The course materials are yours for life, so if something comes up that means you need to focus elsewhere, that’s not a problem. There is no set deadline for when you should have the course completed, and you can work at your own pace, anytime!

How much time will it take to complete the course?

The course materials will be available to you forever and ever (amen!), so you can take your time and indulge, or devour the materials quickly -  it’s entirely up to you. The number of hours of content is approximately <number of hours> and, with the additional exercises and worksheets, I’ve found that it takes my average student anywhere from  <number> to <number> hours to work through everything.

What if I don’t absolutely adore it?

If you’re not totally in love with The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting, you have up to <refund terms>.




Come and join a powerful movement of women who are refusing to settle for anything less than a life of happiness, love, connection and bliss.

We’re so excited to meet you!


Lots of love,

Wendy XO