You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. You’ve read The Secret. You’ve chanted mantras. You’ve prayed, wished and dreamed. But somehow, it’s still NOT working.  

Here's the deal, love...

Manifesting Isn't Magic!



Magic is make-believe. If you’re depending on it to jump-start your career, revive your relationship, or soothe your soul, you’re in for a long, hard road.

And maybe that’s where you’ve been?

Believing, hoping, dreaming... waiting for your Prince to arrive, for your Dream Clients to book you, and for your bank account to overflow? But after YEARS of being patient, of calling down the “Magic,” you’re still stuck! But manifesting isn’t magic! It’s a very specific skill, based on scientific principles and deeply connected to the Universal Source of power!

Imagine if you were able to tap into this power, and align your subconscious beliefs with your deepest desires! And watch in wonder as THE guy appears, THE clients fill up your schedule, and the cash abounds!


Sounds pretty amazing, right?!

If it's possible for me, it's possible for you!

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I'm Wendy Gless, a Life and Money Coach.

I’m nothing special, and yet I’m extraordinarily special. And so are you!

I don’t come from money. In fact, I spent most of my childhood in the car, as my parents both shuffled between jobs. I remember eating cinnamon rolls and taking my Flintstone vitamin each morning - no fancy organic food for us! We were working class, all the way.

Yet I was content. I was loved, and what more can you ask for? I married my high school guy right after college, we made three gorgeous babies and landed great jobs in corporate America. Smooth sailing ahead, right?

Not so fast! 


My guy and I moved away from our small-town Texas upbringing, and the wheels came off quickly. In what seemed like no time, I found myself as a single mom of 3, worried about not having enough money, with ZERO support system and barely enough energy to maintain my job.

And oh my goodness, was I a victim for a hot minute there! I cried, I wallowed, I put on my pouty face and waited for someone, anyone, to rescue me. It all seemed so incredibly UNFAIR. I even prayed! But I didn’t do anything to make my life better.

You see, I had it all wrong.

I thought if I wished, hoped, begged and cried enough for something, I’d get it! Now I can look back and laugh at my misguided ways, but at the time it was intense.

Not surprisingly, months of wailing and moaning did nothing to move me toward my desires. And after a while, I decided I might as well change tactics. I mean, things couldn’t seem to get any worse, so why not just fully love and appreciate myself right where I was.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 8.55.40 AM.png

I became my own soul mate

 and everything shifted.

When I began accepting myself exactly where I was and appreciating each and every moment, I was able to have compassion for my situation without staying stuck in it. Instead, I moved forward!

I began to pursue my desires with a passion...I rediscovered old talents, sought after new knowledge, and became generally LIT UP by life!

And, would you believe that I got EVERYTHING I wanted and more?! 

Including a restored relationship with my ex-husband... We remarried after a decade apart (you couldn’t make this stuff up!), a business packed to the brim with dream clients, and a level of peace I never experienced before life’s storms. 

I found new inspiration, more miraculous solutions to my problems, and more exciting possibilities around every turn.

My life expanded. I started to feel amazing everyday.


I built my business as a Certified Life & Money Coach and Law of Attraction Facilitator and went from making sporadic income to six figures - with a sold-out one-on-one mentorship program – all in less than 10 months!


I began dancing with the Divine (yes!), and now I live a life I love working with smart, soulful women around the world.

A life that brings me the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction through helping others to transform their lives in miraculous ways!  And, Gorgeous, there’s no way I could keep all this goodness to myself! Which is why I created... 


The Modern Girl's Guide to Manifesting!

an 8-week live group coaching experience

For Women Who are Ready to Move from Dreamer to Doer!
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Here is what happens

when you learn how to manifest the things you desire in life:


Join the Program!

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting is your complete guide to manifesting mastery.

Join this exclusive group coaching experience now!
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Here’s what the program includes:


8 Value-Packed Modules

A new module will be released every Tuesday with an introductory audio to get you primed and ready to start implementing these powerful tools and to create immediate results in your life.


Guided Assignments Between Modules

You want results? It’s time to get to work, beautiful! Every module is accompanied by worksheets to support your personal growth and deepen your learning. You’ll get all the templates, checklists and resources you need to design your dream masterpiece in simple steps.


8 LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls Avec Moi!

I’ll be here for you every week to answer your burning questions, support you through each step of the program, and keep you filled to the brim with energy and enthusiasm as you shape your new reality!


Ongoing Motivation And Mindset Reminders

I’ll be sending you motivation and mindset reminders to keep your vibration high for the best results possible while you build an abundant life and go after your biggest dreams. I’m with you every step of the way!


Exclusive Membership in Our Private Facebook Community

Surrounding yourself with women on the same journey has an immediate and long lasting effect so I’ve created a private group just for you! The group is a beautiful way to connect with other women as well as a way in which you can seek ongoing support from me and your fellow course-mates. It feels so good to know there’s a team of us behind you on this amazing journey.

Plus, even more:

You’ll also receive these amazing bonuses!


Introductory Course Video

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to an extensive introductory video that will get you started on creating space in your life for your biggest desires – put your manifesting skills into motion in just moments!


Access My Personal Reading List

Discover all of the fabulous resources that played a big part in my own transformational journey. No more trawling through the pile to find the gems -  I’ve got them all here for you to get started on right away, beauty!


a Few Surprise Bonuses!

Every element of this program is designed to get you primed and ready for massive success. I’ll be providing you with a few extra goodies to help you on your manifesting journey during the course of this program.


Call into your life whatever you desire - with intention, insight, and grace. 

  • Stop the struggle and stress and feel the flow!

  • Achieve faster, more powerful results in all areas of your life (love, work, and play!)

  • Gain CLARITY around your true desires!

  • Become laser-focused, so that you make every minute MATTER.

  • Amp up your energy, and begin living a life you totally LOVE!

  • Manifest your true desires and magnify the results you crave!


The Modules

Here’s what we’ll be exploring in our 8 weeks together:



Understanding Miracles, Manifesting, & Universal Laws

  • What is the Law of Attraction?

  • How manifesting works

  • Why making energetic shifts can result in miracles




Creating Soulful Intentions & Desires

  • What is a soulful intention or desire?

  • How being specific can supercharge manifestation

  • Why writing down your intentions and desires is so powerful

  • How to set heart-centered intentions



Module Three:

Believing with Unwavering Faith & Gratitude

  • Why low-level thoughts have a negative effect on your life

  • How to clear the mind of low-level thoughts

  • How to replace low-level thoughts with faith and gratitude




Letting Go & Moving On

  • How to clear the clutter around your intentions

  • How to recognize why you might NOT want what you desire

  • Why getting intimate with fear is so powerful




Deciding & Visualizing the Delicious Details

  • Why getting stuck in the details will railroad your desires

  • How to relish in the details of your desires WITHOUT getting attached

  • How to dress up the details and make them work for you




Infusing that Positive Daily Good-Feeling Vibe

  • Why ‘acting as if’ works

  • How to live like you’ve already manifested your dreams

  • Why your daily routines and rituals are CRUCIAL to your success




Dancing with the Divine & Taking Inspired Action

  • How to recognize opportunities to take action

  • When to hand your desire or vision over to the Universe

  • Why trust is the key to watching your dreams unfold in the perfect way




Wrapping it All Up

  • How to ensure that you CONTINUE manifesting with ease and grace

  • Your next steps for journeying on within a supportive community

  • Learn how to keep dreaming beautifully and boldly


Join Now & Start Manifesting!

The investment? Only [insert price]!

{But seriously, what price do you put on creating a life you absolutely adore?}

Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you’re still on the fence, allow me to nudge you over...


+ What if I have no idea what I want to manifest?

Don’t worry, beautiful! I’m going to ask you all the right questions to stir your inspiration and point you in the right direction, so you can start getting clear on what you really want from life!

+ I already have a spectacular life. Is this course for me?

I’m so happy to hear that, love! If you feel like you are a manifesting queen and are seeing real and regular results in your life, then maybe you’d benefit more from working with me in one of my other programs to focus more on the details. However, if you love your life but still have some bigger dreams on your to-do list, that you’d like some supercharged focus to realize, then go right ahead and sign up!!

+ I’ve read a couple of books about the Law of Attraction and I’ve tried manifesting before, but I haven’t really gotten the results I desired. Can this course help me?

Yes, absolutely! This is the perfect place to start putting all you’ve learned into action. With a whole support group behind you, you’ll be sure to start seeing bigger, faster results than when you were simply working away on your own.

+ I don’t really “believe” in manifesting. Is this course for me?

If you’re willing to approach the course with an open mind and entertain the possibility that what has worked for many others could work for you too, then you are set for having success with the material. If, however, you are unwilling to complete the work according to the principles you’ll be learning, then it will most likely not be worth your time. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it, so jump in with both feet!

+ I’m looking for personalized, one-on-one support. Is this course the right fit for me?

No, beautiful. You need my total, one-on-one attention if you’re looking for completely personalized support. I do offer high-level, intimate support in another coaching program, so drop me a line and I’ll be happy to schedule a one-on-one session with you. The Modern Girl’s Guide to Manifesting is a place to learn and share, and you’ll absolutely be supported throughout the process, but the bulk of the workload will be for you to work through on your own. Just don’t underestimate the power of being surrounded by an amazing community of other manifesting women!

+ I don't have the money, can I pay by installments?

Absolutely. When going for your dreams, it takes courage, commitment and often financial juggling. I get that. I’m offering an extended payment plan so it’s extra-manageable. There’s no reason not to sign up!

+ How does this course work?

After purchase, you’ll have access to a members area with course materials. Modules will be released every Tuesday at 12am Pacific before our weekly live calls, held on Monday mornings at 9am Pacific. All calls will be recorded and available to listen to afterwards in the members area.

You can post any questions you might have in the private Facebook group, where you can also connect with your course-mates and get insightful daily inspiration!

+ Do I need a top notch MacBook Pro to do the course?

Not at all. The course is run online, so an Internet connection is essential. You need a relatively modern computer, but nothing top of the line is necessary.

+ When can I start the course?

In just a few minutes! As soon as your payment has been processed, you will have access to the materials.

+ I’ve just signed up for another course or I’m about to head offline for a few weeks of sun and sand time, etc.. Is it still a good idea to sign up for the course?

Sure thing. The course materials are yours for life, so if something comes up that means you need to focus elsewhere, that’s not a problem. There is no set deadline for when you should have the course completed, and you can work at your own pace, anytime!