After speaking with Wendy last year I realized I’m not alone in wanting to improve my life. I was feeling on the verge of something big but getting derailed and distracted periodically until I wondered if my aspirations were even possible for me any more.

Wendy analyzed my situation by asking questions, and listening to my answers before giving me her recommendations. Since her wise words I have got on track, garnered a more positive mindset and started a new business.

While I still have up and down days I am soon ‘up there’ again, manifesting in my mind, relaxing and watching things unfold. I’ve no doubt that with Wendy’s coaching you will see unexpected results sooner rather than later. It requires only a small shift in mindset.
— Louise, London UK

That’s the best word to describe Wendy’s gift.  She was excellent in coaching me through a difficult time offering sound advice, with warm and appropriate delivery.

I highly recommend her services and plan to have our conversations for the remainder of my Earthly Journey!
— Carla Parker
Being in the right frame of mind is essential to achieve success. Having a confidant that is able to help you through difficult times and believing in you is incredibly valuable from a spiritual perspective. Wendy does just that.

She helps keep the mind on achieving goals and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
— Crystal Andrus
Wendy is a breath of fresh air!  

She is sincere and has this amazing ability to help you get unstuck while helping you see how perfectly okay you are right where you’re at.

If I came to Wendy with feelings of frustration or blockage about work, school, love, or anything troubling me...  I always came away feeling better and CAPABLE of a workable solution.  

Wendy can motivate you to be your best self and you feel such positive vibes when speaking with her.
— Kristina Wolfe
Working with Wendy is like brainstorming with a trusted friend. Her energy is just fantastic. And she’s just so much fun to work with! I really came away so inspired by her vibrancy, insight and wisdom.
— Candi Canncel, Writer
Talking with Wendy was like spending quality time with my best friend.

She was warm and comforting all while coaching me. As Wendy spoke, she inspired me to get up and get started immediately on making my dream manifest.

Wendy inspired me to believe in myself, she made me feel loved, and appreciated. I can truly say Wendy is a friend not an acquaintance.
— Johnita, Texas
Being in the right frame of mind is essential to achieve success.

Having a confidant that is able to help you through difficult times and believing in you is incredibly valuable from a spiritual perspective. Wendy does just that.

She helps keep the mind on achieving goals and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She continues to provide support, checking in and being there for all of us through the thick and the thin. Prayers, Hugs & Love!
— Melissa, New York
Wendy is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! She has made me feel like part of her family from the
moment we started working together. She has challenged my mind, gave me a new energy, and helped me to dig deep and find the real me again. Highly recommended, a great experience to a whole new beginning of life!

After having children, lack of sleep for years, career choices, and relationship issues I was really feeling like giving up. Life is hard and very tiring, but after my one on one sessions with Wendy she helped me to organize my life and opened my eyes to new things. Wendy you are a breath of fresh air, thank you for all that you have done.

If you’re looking for an honest person, with a big heart, and open ears then Wendy is the one for you! She is as real as it gets, encouraging, empowering, and so sweet. We all need someone sometimes to show us our strengths and focus on them instead of our weaknesses, and she does just that. A wonderful person who listens and cares what you have to say and wants you to be the best!
— Cindy J., Los Angeles
Wendy has simply been an answer to my prayers. She is a woman filled with beautiful positive and gracious energy, who has inspired me so much to firstly believe in my dreams, and then help me to implement the steps to take inspired action towards making them happen.

It is so evident she is doing work that she loves and living her purpose, and she clearly gets so much joy from helping others to live their fullest potential and make their dreams come to life as well.

She has been a massive support in some of the most testing periods of my life and career, and for that I am forever grateful and would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone.

Thank you so much, so much love for you Wendy!
— Kelly Rose Hammond
I was really at a low point in my life when I was introduced to Wendy.  My mom, who was my best friend, had just passed.  And… I was trying to deal with my grief, loss, the strange feeling of no longer being a caregiver, and now having to look for employment.  It was overwhelming to say the least.  Now, I could no long hide behind the care of my mom and being somewhat of a recluse, years after my divorce.  I was going to have to focus on me, and what I truly wanted for my life. Fortunately, Wendy understood my blight right away.  After a few sessions, we really bonded.  Wendy has a way of making you feel at ease when telling her your worst fears and problems.  She is able to asses the situation, come up with a plan and make you see your problem(s) form a different perspective.  I am now able to have a more positive outlook on my life, realizing that things do happen and there is always a solution.  Especially, if you think of the positive aspect of why this may be happening or what the situation may be preparing you for.  Wendy is not only a great life coach, but also a true friend.
— Stephanie Bassett
I could feel Wendy’s vibrance right through the phone.  She is authentic and clear and has a gift of saying like it is.  Wendy really helped me come to a decision about something I felt strongly about with my family even though my husband was not on board at the time. I felt really good and confident in how to approach the situation with him to make it a win win for everyone.  I loved having Wendy’s support to bounce my thoughts off of and come to a decision for myself.
— Kat Moulton, Courage Coach

"Call it divine intervention, luck, or fate, but Wendy came into my life at a time when I needed her- in the few weeks we have been working together, my life has changed drastically for the better. Her program  is full of helpful and inspiring videos and worksheets, and the one-on-one calls have helped me discover things about myself that 25 years of therapy couldn’t even get close to. I am more confident, focused, and self aware. This is the best money I have ever spent; I couldn’t be more grateful for her authentic assistance and support.   

I can’t even fully express the gratitude and guidance that Wendy has done for me! Wendy is an awesome listener and fully attends to your passions and dreams. She is like the best friend/big sister you’ve always needed in your life. She is encouraging and truly authentic. Working together has been  life transforming  for me.  I feel that I learned how to attract and manifest the things I want in my life.  What I took away from the most was that creating the life you want is for you. No one has to understand it because it is for you, your own path. Lastly, realizing your thoughts are not you, they are not real, and you can change them ultimately to change your entire life. I highly recommend working with Wendy to change your life and your thoughts!!!

It a few short months I went from hating my job, hating my living arrangements, and feeling desperately alone to gaining the confidence to clear out the old and take massive action steps to the life I deserve.  I am now in a job that allows me to continue my education, living in a cozy flat with room mates that I really enjoy being around AND I  am now  dating the most amazing man  that I believe it or not – I have known him for years but only as a friend. Thank you Wendy for holding space for my crazy self and showing me how beautiful I am.  My Quirky side and all!  I love my life! 

Wendy, I had to write in to thank you for all you have done. I love that every day I wake up happy and ready to start a brand new day! It's been so many years since I felt that way and I am so grateful for it! You have been an amazing help, mentor and friend. I truly am blessed to have you in  my life. I highly recommend Wendy, she will hold your hand and give you that push that you need all at the same time!"

— T. Wood  
Los Angeles, CA