Are you a smart dreamer who’s ready to accept the challenge of manifesting a spectacular life? 

More love. More money. More Happiness.

It's possible, and I’ll show you how!


During our four months together, you’ll learn that the journey to your dream destination is a beautiful one!

Imagine being able to:

  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Eliminate relationship BS (no more blah love life)
  • Thrive far outside of your comfort zone
  • Manifest the lifestyle of your deepest desires
  • Work in a way that feels completely congruent with your core desires
  • Feel fulfilled and empowered

I’m giving you the roadmap to discover the direction that most excites you - the path that lights you up inside! And along the way, I’ll show you each idyllic spot you mustn’t miss, help you navigate any treacherous turns, and get you to your sweet spot as speedily as possible!

Ready for the ride?  


Here’s what you’ll receive in your
Signature Coaching Program!




four Full Months Of A Dedicated Mentor 

As your coach, I am completely in your corner throughout the entire four months of your Program! You’ll know that I have your best interests in my mind and heart at all times. You’ve never felt this level of support before in any mentoring relationship. 




Three Sixty-Minute Coaching Calls Each Month Of Your Program (twelve total)

I’ll be here for you every week to answer your burning questions, support you through each step of the journey, and keep you filled to the brim with energy and enthusiasm! Our weekly calls are your touch points to get the most out of your program and achieve the results that you desire.




Email Support

Life happens between coaching calls. But you never have to go it alone. Get a little extra TLC between sessions when you need to navigate a particular challenge or want to celebrate your most recent victory!




Worksheets To Enhance Your Progress Between Sessions

Every module is accompanied by worksheets to support your personal growth and deepen your learning. You’ll get all the templates, checklists and resources you need to design your dream masterpiece in simple steps.




Curated Reading List

Discover all of the fabulous resources that helped me during my own transformational journey. No more searching through dozens of personal development books to find the gems. You’ll have immediate access to THE most powerful teachings I’ve uncovered in my many years of training and coaching. 

Plus, Receive These Special Bonuses!



Course Introductory Session

As soon as you sign up, we'll schedule a call right away so you can get started on creating space in your life for your biggest desires.

We’ll have you manifesting your wildest wishes in no time!

Ongoing Motivation and Mindset Reminders

I’ll be sending you motivation and mindset reminders to keep your vibration high throughout the program! You’ll build an abundant life and watch your dreams materialize into reality, knowing I’m with you every step of the way!

Extra-Juicy Surprise

Every element of this program is designed to get you primed and ready for massive success. You’ll get a surprise package of screensavers and other downloadable materials as an extra layer of support during your manifesting transformation.

Wendy is a true light, breathe of fresh air, pure joy, and her kindness has no limit. When you work with Wendy she makes it her personal mission to get you to places in your life you never dreamed were possible! Her beautiful intuitive approach allows her to ask questions you never considered before and she re-shapes your perspectives while taking you on a journey to see the power you have been carrying around with you all along. No person or book can explain, prove or guide you to manifest greatness into your life like Wendy can; it is her superpower.
Wendy is truly a master at money, love and manifesting. If you’re looking to create a life you’ve only dreamt of and more money than you’ve ever imagined — she’s exactly who you need. She’s soulful, spirited and oh so powerful. She’ll help you get anything you want and so much more — and somehow make it easy.
I was at a point with my business and in my life where I needed some 1:1 coaching to really meet me where I was at. I was looking for help to work through mindset blocks that were holding me back from really attracting what I desired in life, love + business. Wendy’s passion for what she does was evident from our first chat. She’s so caring, so generous and really goes out of her way to go above and beyond what is expected. The mindset shifts and what I’ve attracted into my life and my business, have been incredible since working with Wendy in such a short time. I love our calls and Wendy has really helped me truly believe that I’m worthy of all of my desires and that I can create the life I dream of. It’s already starting to happen. If you’re having trouble attracting what you truly desire in life, I highly recommend working with Wendy!
— Gillian Kennedy

The Money, Love & Manifesting Curriculum


While my Signature Program is hand-tailored to your specific needs and desires, there are certain principles that I know you need to understand in order to bring your dreams into your reality.  For that reason, I’ve designed a curriculum for our time together to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to achieve all of your desired outcomes. 


Here’s how your coaching program is structured:


Module One:


This module is your intro to getting what you want in life. It’s simple. And oh-so-powerful. All you need are a few insider secrets, and you’ll soon be loving life more than ever before!

  • Understand why and how you’ve been creating the results that have been showing up in your life so that you can start to make more deliberate and satisfying choices.
  • You’ll learn to master the Law of Attraction to start seeing more money in your life... find ideal relationships... perfect clients... your dream job... your ideal vacation... fantastic health... and everything your heart desires!
  • You’ll get all the tools, tricks and tips you need to become a master manifester and make your biggest and most powerful dreams come true!


Module Two:


Mastering your money game isn’t as hard as you might think. But you MUST break through your money blocks in order to build your beautiful dreams on a strong foundation. In this module you’ll learn all the skills you need for a lifetime of abundance!

  • Uncover your money story and the many ways in which it’s holding you back from creating the wealth you deserve. (Then rewrite it with a very happy ending!)
  • Get clear on your money goals and what you really want so that you can speed up your progress toward achieving your desires.
  • Get over any debt shame or money guilt and heal your emotional relationship with money.
  • Learn how to transform your money mindset and start to make significantly more money in your life and business!

Module Three:


The core teaching of this Module is for you to understand that it is safe - and so worth it! - to receive the kind of love you desire from your relationships, especially from your romantic partner. It’s time to get rid of the baggage that’s holding you back in your love life. I’ll show you exactly how to do it!

  • Discover that love is possible for you (psst! I’ll give you a map to get there)!
  • Learn how to recognize the patterns that point to deeper wounds so that you can heal them and move on to a life filled with harmonious relationships!
  • Uncover a new level of confidence that leaves you feeling excited to seek love openly, while positioning yourself to attract high caliber people who are on the same page as you.
  • Honor your intuition and rediscover how to trust yourself while navigating your relationships with ease so that you can find true fulfillment!


Your dreams are calling and it’s time for you to answer!

Schedule a Discovery Call to get started. 

 Please note this is a 5 figure investement and due to the intimate nature, there are limited spots available. Installments available upon request.

Being in the right frame of mind is essential to achieve success. Having a confidant that is able to help you through difficult times and believing in you is incredibly valuable from a spiritual perspective. Wendy does just that!

She helps keep the mind on achieving goals and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She continues to provide support, checking in and being there for all of us through the thick and the thin. Prayers, Hugs & Love!
— Melissa, New York
Call it divine intervention, luck, or fate, but Wendy came into my life at a time when I needed her and my life has changed drastically for the better. She has helped me discover things about myself that 25 years of therapy couldn’t even get close to. I am more confident, focused, and self-aware. This is the best money I have ever spent; I couldn’t be more grateful for her authentic assistance and support. Working together has been life transforming for me. I feel that I learned how to attract and manifest the things I want in my life. I highly recommend working with Wendy to change your life and your thoughts!!!
— T. Wood



Absolutely not! There is no space in my program for anyone who plays the victim.  Life has a myriad of challenges, and you’ll continue to face them as long as you’re still breathing. So you should never expect ANY coaching program to “save” you.  You’ve got to show up and do the work to see the results that you desire. When you’re willing to do that, your entire life can be transformed in a much shorter timeframe than you would ever have imagined! Your faith, positive mindset and dedication will always be the keys to the positive changes in your life. 


I do not offer refunds on private coaching programs. You see, a coaching relationship is a commitment from both the client and the coach. When we enter into a coaching program, not only are you committing to me, but I’m also committing to you (often to the exclusion of other clients). I’m blocking off my time and, more importantly, my energy, to help you achieve the major results that you are craving.  We both need to know that we are committed. Too often, if clients know they can receive a refund, they don’t put a full effort into the work and therefore don’t accomplish their desired outcomes. I care too much about you to let you fail. You are welcome to take advantage of a FREE discovery call prior to purchasing your coaching package. You’ll know in your heart and your gut if I’m the right coach for you. 


My coaching sessions are generally offered via videoconference (Skype or Zoom) or telephone call. This means that you can live anywhere in the world and still take advantage of this life-changing coaching program (as long as you have reliable internet access and cellular coverage).