Wendy is truly a master at money, love and manifesting. If you’re looking to create a life you’ve only dreamt of and more money than you’ve ever imagined — she’s exactly who you need. She’s soulful, spirited and oh so powerful. She’ll help you get anything you want and so much more — and somehow make it easy.


Wendy is an absolute angel to work with. I was at a point with my business and in my life where I needed some 1:1 coaching to really meet me where I was at. I was looking for help to work through mindset blocks that were holding me back from really attracting what I desired in life, love + business. Wendy’s passion for what she does was evident from our first chat. She’s so caring, so generous and really goes out of her way to go above and beyond what is expected. The mindset shifts and what I’ve attracted into my life and my business, have been incredible since working with Wendy in such a short time. I love our calls and Wendy has really helped me truly believe that I’m worthy of all of my desires and that I can create the life I dream of. It’s already starting to happen. If you’re having trouble attracting what you truly desire in life, I highly recommend working with Wendy!