Are you living a life some would consider to be a fairy-tale? Yet for whatever reason, you know that something’s still not quite right? Perhaps your finances are in disarray, or you feel undervalued in your relationship, or you wish to travel yet feel stuck in one place?  

Whatever you think you’re missing, lean in...


Growing up in a small Texas town, I was surrounded by a loving, supportive family. They were my biggest cheerleaders and  I was loved up that's for sure. I believed I could do anything I set my mind to and though my experience was limited to my little hometown -  I felt extremely content.

Why dream for more when everyone and everything you've ever known seems so happy?!

So I set out to create a life for myself that was similar to my parents and those around me.

At first, I didn’t ask for all that much, but I sure got it! I married my high school guy right out of college, got my degree in accounting (along with a minor in psychology), worked in corporate America earning big bucks, made three gorgeous kids, moved to sunny California, had a beautiful home and beautiful things to go with it. 

Everything looked pretty sweet from the outside. Still, I began to feel disconnected, even while recognizing the many blessings I had been given.